World Refugee Day, June 20: Take action for refugees in times of Corona

Life in ‘normal’ times is often very difficult for migrants and refugees. The overcrowded reception camps and detention centers are a health hazard. This is only getting worse during the current corona pandemic. Migrants are particularly vulnerable to the crisis. Rather than providing adequate health care and housing, European authorities have used the emergency to attack migrants and boost xenophobia. The large demonstrations against police brutality and racism, which also hurt refugees, show that much protest is necessary and posisble.

In the detention center in Rotterdam, migrants are pressed into cells and brought into close contact with possibly infected guards. The emergency shelter for migrants in Leiden is closed. In Zoutkamp guards have threatened to shoot corona-infected asylum seekers when they go outside. In many other European countries, the situation is even worse: refugees cannot apply for asylum, are arrested and imprisoned, left at sea or forcibly pushed back to Turkey and Libya. Migrant workers are forced to work and live in unsafe conditions, for example in the meat industry.

We therefore call for an end to violence against migrants and for this violence to be replaced by the solidarity needed to tackle this global crisis. We resist racism and discrimination and demand:

– close detention centers and stop deportations, provide housing to refugees

– stop militarization of borders and pushbacks, resume rescues

– shelter in the Netherlands for unaccompanied children from Greek refugee camps

– right to health care and safe living and working conditions for all

– legalize all refugees and migrants

On World Refugee Day (June 20), at 2 pm, we call for protests in as many locations as possible. Bring face masks, megaphones, slogans, and pink clothes to show our shared solidarity. Remember that safety is also a matter of solidarity, so keep a safe distance from each other. Take a photo or video and share it with us so we can unite in a virtual long-distance demonstration. Let us know if you organize something!

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